Banyan Cafe & Bakery

Banyan Cafe & Bakery offers unique dining experience of cafe style foods in an Innthar Traditional setting.

The Banyan Cafe & Bakery is newly established in 2018 and aims to provide culinary delights for all the guests of the Hotel. Since it offers cafe style foods, one can experience pastries, pizzas and spaghetti’s along with coffees and drinks.

Our Services


Needless to say, the hotel provides our guests with bountiful foods during the breakfast time. However, you can also buy our pastries and special drinks for more kicks for your day.

Lunch & Dinner

Our Menu is also available for both lunch and dinner and we have many meals to order for a great dinning experience.


You can also request special catering services for your business meetings or special celebrations, and we can make your dreams come true.